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Took Off My Stars

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So I took off my stars on my requests. Now its as generic as the rest of the requests. So Nothing stands out anymore to catch attention to something that someone maybe hasn't heard before. So now if you guys see something that you don't recognize just ignore it. It probably sucks. Because my thinking is if I hadn't put them on you guys would have ignored them. Maybe it peeked the interest in one of the viewers and had a listen to it. Maybe they hated it. Maybe not. But if they weren't there all together it wouldn't have peeked anyones interest. Sometimes people not all but some only want to go with what they are familiar with. They don't want to experiment or try new things. Each to there own. All my requests from now on if any will be generic by the book of law. No embellishments. When I first started playing bass. I liked a certain type of music. But I went into everything jazz blues pop metal prog country etc. I couldn't get enough and still cant. So if anyone else put some stars or a comment beside there request which they have. I took notice and listened to it even though I didn't recognize the band. Just wanted to see what they were all keen about. I really don't see the problem. Why not let the people decide what they want to look at and tab. Just because it has 10 stars beside it doesn't mean that you have to check it out. No. It only means they dig the song and want to share it. And hopefully someone will tab it. And if they hook someone that otherwise would have never listened to the song. Bravo then that person discovered something new and then they may get there tab for a song that otherwise may have been ignored. Just my thoughts. I requested a song that I think says it better than I ever could. I don't think its wrong to debate an issue that I think could be more flexible.
LoudLon [moderator]
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The reason we ask that requests be kept to simple band/song/album is that when people add their own little unique symbols and misspells, it clutters up the database. It's why we have tabs for both Offspring and The Offspring, for Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzy Osborne, why we have tabs with stuff like “100% accurate” in their titles, why we have countless versions of the same song, because not everyone spelled the band/song name properly, etc.

It literally takes all of three seconds to type in a band and song name into google and make sure you have them spelled correctly. The band and song name are The Tragically Hip - Scared, not The Tragically Hip - Scared ******. Be it a symbol or a comment, if it's not part of the band or song name, it has no business being included in the information field.

So. On the request form, you put in the artist name, as the artist spells it, and that's it. The song name, as the artist spells it, and that's it. The album name, as the artist spells it, and that's it. If someone is skimming the request page, sees the song, looks it up, gives it a listen, decides they like it and want to tab it, then they will. And if not, they won't. Fussing about it isn't going to change anything, nor is adding all manner of extraneous symbols to make your request stand out more.

I'm going to lock this thread because I don't see any productive comments coming from it. If you have a legitimate gripe, feel free to PM myself, Johnny or The Dude. But the next time you feel the need to pout, refrain from doing so on the forum.


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