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Your Favorite Song To Play

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Whether your playing with a band or just jamming along to the song in your room, what's your favorite song to play on bass?
LoudLon [moderator]
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I don't really have a single favorite I like to jam to; typically my jam sessions involve me going through my music folder and creating a play list out of whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. But I have been playing the latest Stone Temple Pilots single, Meadow, a lot lately. That track is classic Robert DeLeo, meaty, melodic, and just fun to play.
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If I have time to play just one song it will usually be from this list:

“Don't Get Me Wrong” or “My City Was Gone” from The Pretenders
“Fascination Street” by The Cure
“Sister Europe” the original by The Psychedelic Furs or the Foo Fighters cover
“She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult
“Don't Answer Me” by The Alan Parson's Project (see my tab - it's a good finger exercise)
“Blood and Roses” by The Smithereens

The last one is probably my absolute favorite, but is tuned down a half step so I'm not always able to just grab a bass and play it. And with the band I play with (infrequently - we do 1-2 gigs/year) we all love “Don't Get Me Wrong.”

If I have time to play 3 songs it's a guarantee 2 of the 3 will be from that list, if not all 3.
I've got many favorite songs. I think Rock Out by Motörhead may be the winner, followed by Rush's 2112 Overture.
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Depending on who I am playing with, determines which song to play. Sunday night with my neighbor, it's Moondance. With the 26th Avenue Insomniacs, it's Polk Salad Annie. With the Geezer Band, it's Black Magic Woman. There are others too, that's why I enjoy playing.

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I used to jam with a few lads down the local practice rooms and I used to love doing You Got No Right by Velvet Revolver, big fan of Duff McKagen
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Band favourite has to be Cock Sparrer - Sunday Stripper ,if I'm noodling around UK Subs - Stranglehold or Tomorrows Girl
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Ahhh and Motorhead - Stone Dead Forever
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Slither by Velvet Revolver. Duff is awesome
Anything Primus, QotSA, or Muse.
Nirvana songs. Love that band
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Teen Spirit (of course)
Come As You Are
Marigold (also Foo Fighters)
All Apologies
About a Girl
Serve the Servants

And finally…
Everything else Nirvana has made.

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