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DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Good evening to all those reading this as well as all members and users of BigBassTabs.com. This is Daniel you know me as DANNYBASSMAN93. Tonight marks an era, an era of what was suppose to be, to be now. You see, for long I've waited to see if anything would change on the site but no, I was mistaken. This site to me has been good but only to those who have helped on the site as well as followed its true purpose, (to be a tab site not a chatterbox) that's what FB is for. I've seen people here grow and become great (Lon Slam Linkin Bassm99 Melvin Massacre Punkbassman Twiggy Gerr Kissy boy Mari Marko ) I've seen you all help and given me a great time here but sadly I'm here to say its over. I take my leave tonight from this site and ready to start a new site for all those brothers and sisters musicians who are willing to learn music regardless of what instrument they play. I will remain tabbing. As for the confrontations I'm disturbed and disappointed at this. What kind of site thinks its greatest assets is “hacking” or destroying the site. When he broke sweat for you, you who've never took time to hear him out or help. I'm ashamed. You're all grown ups start acting like it, give the example.

As for the users who've been here for the tabs and have requested me. I thank you for choosing me and lending your trust to me I will still be off help (danieli.castro8@gmail.com).

As for those who've only commented and haven't really done much. Don't you dare judge or look down at them they did more than any of you.

So here's my final word, for those of you who are willing to keep helping you are welcomed to join me just email me and we'll have a place for you.

I am but one guy, one bassist giving my opinion if you don't like it you know what to do.

Goodbye fellow bassists


Oh and one more thing… you brought this on yourselves bigbasstabs, now welcome your consequence
Well said
LoudLon [moderator]
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Nothing personal, fellas, but I can't see this kind of announcement not stirring up all kinds of drama on the boards. Closing this. It'll still be here for those interested, but ultimately it'll be up to the admins if they want to delete it or not.

- Lon

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