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Can someone help

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Can someone tab this song for me.
I'm doing something special that will appear on video and youtube this summer and i need this song to do it and someone tabbed it somewhere online but it doesnt sound right because in live videos there is parts where nikki doesnt play but the tab says he does and really i only trust my fellow friends tabbers on here
so could someone help me with this song


its White Trash Circus by Motley Crue
If its that video, it could just be bad editing on the part that shows him not playing. Is he playing dead notes during the verse?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Well, step one would be to tune your bass down a full step. Almost everything Motley plays is in D Standard.
Thats what i was wondering if he is playing dead notes during the verse because mick mars does for sure. you can hear it.

this would be the one to tab it from
i play nikki basslines in drop D is that right Lon.

im really note sure about the dead notes. i think he does but im not sure
and in the video it shows him pull the strings but he doesnt do that live

I watched the videos. I'd say, trust your ear. Videos, even live performances can be spliced from different shows or takes.
Twiggy you're supposed to play in DGCF so you wouldn't be getting those lower notes in Drop D.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Well, yeah, Crue plays almost everything in D standard but technically speaking, Drop D is just as fine. Anything lower than an A he'd have to play on the first string, but hey, if it means not having to re-tune all four strings, I can't see anything wrong with that. There are a couple exceptions, though – namely If I Die Tomorrow, which is D standard, drop C. On that one, yes, you'd be better off tuning down the whole guitar. Well, the first two strings anyway, I don't believe Nikki uses the bottom two in that one.
I thought Drop D was fine thanks lon.
Nikki plays really heavy and i new Drop D was right.

For white Trash Cricus he plays the two top strings E and A

But can u take a look at it lon which you got aa chance adn see if you can make something out of it.

im in the process of tabbing The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

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