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String types

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What are you using, roundwound or flatwound or …?

I just put a set of Labella flatwounds on my Beatle bass and they feel smooth as silk. So easy on the fingers.

I haven't tried them out with the band yet though, so I can't compare the sound yet. Hopefully they sound as good as they feel.
I tend to stick with roto sound roundwounds
ernie ball custom gauge round wounds are amazing
I have Labella black nylon flatwound strings on my jazz bass, and Rotosound roundwound on my precision bass. I used to string only with Rotosound roundwounds, like Frankiebass, but I really like the warm sound and smooth feel of the flatwounds, and slides don't lead to blisters and no fret buzz ever.

I have a set of nylon flatwounds for the next time I re-string the p bass. Going to see if I like the flat stings there as well. I'll probably give D'Addario Chromes (metal flatwounds) a try as well on the p bass, maybe before the nylon flats.
What do you think of the Labella flatwounds now, BassLady? Have you played with your band? Did you like the sound? Did they?
I used rotosound for awhile but i was told they will wear out your frets faster due to them being made of stainless steel. Always liked the tone from rotosounds still looking for a good replacment. been using ernie ball and fender.
Posts: 35
Sid, I used the flatwounds @ 2 recent gigs and I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, they feel good and sound good. On the other hand, because these were both summer gigs @ some really hot venues, my hands were slick with sweat (yuck!) and I felt that I had less control of them on the smooth strings.

Guess I will spend the rest of the summer playing my Mustang with its roundwounds!
Yeah - I can see that the nylon flatwounds might not be the best choice for those conditions. I wouldn't have thought of it though, so thanks for the comment/heads up.

I put a set of Chromes (metal flatwounds) on my p bass, mixed feelings at present. Trying to give it some time so I can adjust to the change and make a fair evaluation. Initially, not really taken by them (seemed very ringy) but I've been able to lower the action some and am liking them a bit more. More playing time though before I decide whether to keep them on or go back to roundwounds.
An old thread, but anyway…

I really like nylon flat wounds on my J bass - I'm sticking with that set up. I like the sound (EMG HZ pick ups)and they are so easy to play. Even with sloppy fingering, they still sound good.

I'm back to Rotosound round wounds on the P bass, and I'll stick with that set up as well. The Chromes just didn't give me the sound I wanted from the P bass. Can't get away with sloppy fingering here though! Coming back to the P bass after playing the J bass for while, I have to really remember to lift fingers straight off and drop straight on to avoid unwanted noise. The nylon flat wounds are much more forgiving!

I'm using roundwound and they sound really really bright. But that's because they're nickel plated. They work for the tone I want so I love them
i use rotosound 45s and 66 swings. just great sound. tried d'addario but found them to bright and a bit tinny sounding. good for hard rock but thats it.

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