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I've been moving house and working like a dog so I've been absent for a while, I've just read the thread about DuranDuranFans departure which eventually got locked, a lot of people thought him leaving was a bit extreme but I've been there so I'd just like to back him up. His departure was a bit more dignified than mine but I can understand his wanting to leave, it can sometimes get very frustrating trying to make a point when some members want to be negative just for the sake of it, I hope like me that he returns with a more positive attitude to what the forum is really about and not get drawn into another cat fight with people who have nothing better to do
Sadly DDF won't be returning. I hope he does, but if he does it won't be anytime soon.
I fully support DDF's departure, he did what he felt was right for him. We now have another departure pending which is a real shame. The circumstances are different but the end result is the same, we lose valuable members.
DDF left because he got bored with all the negative postings that appear to be on the increase, which involved various members.
antiduranduran is leaving because he had (shock, horror) a username that some took offence to.
DDF was fortunate enough to make his departure on his own terms. I don't think that applies to antiduranduran.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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I dont think antiduranduranfan did something wrong here or it was his fault, i mean if someone used the username antiredhotchilipeppers i wouldnt hold it against them. Sure i'd be a little mad about it but the truth is there's no harm done.

though i will miss him but offcourse im leaving soon for a long 8-10 weeks so he'd probably be back before i do.

Well said Danny. Any antijoydivision people out there please join, it's just funny & harmless. I can't see why people should get so worked up about the name. Yet some have, but it's all history. antiduranduran has asked to be deleted so i think he's still going to be gone even when you come back.
I think that DDF should've just let it all go and stay. I mean look at all the people that have stayed even though I was miserable
DDF, he will be greatly missed.
I think that DDF should've just let it all go and stay. I mean look at all the people that have stayed even though I was miserable
True statement.
Exactly BassGuy. I've become much more pleasant though if you can't tell
End of the day you have to do what's best for you & that is what DDF did.

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