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Old Music (70's 80's) or New Music?

LoudLon [moderator]
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Yeah, I saw Hated way back around ‘95 or so. That was my introduction to Allin and his particular brand of “art,” and that’s all I needed to see.
Yeah i saw it a couple years after around like 1997 and that was it and i remember my buddy looked at me and said. “Hey that dude cool” and i said “What is wrong with you” and then we finished the film and he said “That guy is everything wrong under the sun”
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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If Cg Allin where alive i bet you guys be after him staking him with your basses
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If CG Allin were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave
he can spin in his grave for all i care.
What was everyone's favourite Era?
Even though the 3010s were awesome I'd have to go with 90s or 00s. A lot of awesome bands and rappers made their debut. I actually kinda like the auto tune stuff. If you don't like the style of music then you're not gonna like auto tune. I think that's why a lot of people say they don't like auto tune. And the new Hip-Hop artists like Kid Cudi are cool. A lot of hip-hop artists/rappers use guitars at least a few times. How do you think I find them?
i rememebr the 2000's very well

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