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Duran Duran

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Gerr, u guys started the name calling. It's that simple. Who cares what Marco thinks about Taylor's fan base.
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I think that Gerr just wanted to defend the unity and group effort (Duran Duran Bass Tabs).
I also think that this topic only creates confusion of names and fights between people, should be deleted or have the name changed (in my opinion)..
“145 replies” was an arduous effort of a group of good people and united for a single purpose: to play music. Do not disrespect it!
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If a lesson was learnt here it's that Durannies are still out there and are very very easily offended. However, I wasn't being offensive, I actually like Duran Duran, but anyone who wants to swear at me can do so via my inbox but be warned, I'm a builder and I speak two languages, English and Fowl, so I m not quite so easily offended. I'd like to thank The Dude for handling this situation like the pro he obviously is
Wow - surprised that everyone jumped all over Marko. He just asked a question - apparently not as politely as some would like!

The answer to your question, Marko, is in the history and content of the thread, and most of this history predates your arrival here so you wouldn't know it.

Quite sometime ago, Duran Duran's song Mediterranea appeared on the the Requests List. Then another person requested it, and perhaps another. It seemed a lot (or several anyway) wanted to learn to play that song. (It is a good song and nice bass line.) Finally, I offered to try and help tab it, though I doubted I could figure it out. (I've not been much of a Duran Duran fan; this thread opened my eyes to JT's bass playing.) I wanted it to be a collaborative effort where people contributed to working out and checking the tab. It worked well - we were able to make a very good tab.

That led to going on to another Duran Duran song, and it has continued. Multiple people worked together to write out and check tabs. It was really cool. That's what makes the thread so long - probably a dozen Duran Duran songs have been figured out by a fluid group of people working together.

I had thought that the thread had finally died last week, but it has not. There's a group of bassists here who very much like Duran Duran, as you've found out! So the thread is cool and long-lived because people are working together to learn how to play songs they want to play.

ohhh. I'd like to learn Fowl! Are lessons available?

And Gerr, I consider you a friend, but I think you are too quick to take or give offense. You must have a temper!
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He should change that to GRRRR

What do you think, Gerr? Would GRRRR suit you better? Maybe GRRRR!

Personally, I am glad both of you - Gerr and Marko1960 - are here.
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Marko, I just thought unnecessary to offend a large and cool work that has gone on for a long time. This goes beyond the band is a group spirit here.
And there is no reason to create a topic with the same name. If wanted to speak, is enough to make it in Duran Duran bass tabs
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Gerr I actually like Duran Duran, Ordinary World is one of my favorite songs, I was commenting on the number of replies but I can now see how it could have been taken out of context. I apologise to anyone who was offended. Now…… Linkin Park… Where to start with them? ONLY KIDDING, lol
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I apologise to offend you too, Marko. But your 1st comment was a mess, generated an offensive interpretation in first reading.
And, yes. Linkin Park (and Kiss) bass tabs is a good idea!

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