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Looking for COME A LITTLE CLOSER correct tabs or lessons.

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You the man Lon, thanks Sid, I know you tried, sorry
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That's the good thing about being a single guy with nothing to do on a Saturday night – I have plenty of time to sit and bang out some tabs. Of course the bad thing about being a single guy with nothing to do on a Saturday night is, y'know, being a single guy with nothing to do on a Saturday night LOL

Glad you are here LoudLon; you make me laugh!

Do you plan on tabbing the whole Come A Little Closer song? It has, as you said, a nice bass line. Cheers.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Yep, it's on my list now.
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Glad to hear that, I look forward to the tab and learning the song.

Awhile back I tabbed a song by Graffiti6 called Free. It was something someone requested and I liked the bass line - sounded like it could have been Dunn or Jamerson doing the Motown thang. If you get bored next Saturday, you could check it out. Cheers.

And thanks for all your tabs! (And you too Dannybassman!)
LoudLon [moderator]
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I just played the song on youtube while checking out the tab. Nice work!

EDIT – just submitted your tab via the request page.
Thanks, and thanks! Cheers.

Back to work tomorrow, so I might not find time until the weekend, but looking forward to it! Cheers.
Hey LoudLon! Nice tab! Beautiful bass line, a bit fast for me at the moment, but I'm practicing.

I do hear a small bit a little differently than you have it tabbed. The last measure (measure 8 ) of the intro, you have the bass dropping down to F# and E on the E string before the C# that starts the verse. I hear the bass climbing then dropping back down to get back to the C#. I think it is something like this:


But either way works - same notes.

Thanks very much for tabbing this song. I like it so much, I think I am going to buy the album.

And thanks for tabbing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Great song. Cheers.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I looked up some live performances for parts I couldn't make out on the album version but they were of little help – the guy seems to improvise a lot of fills, and never plays the chorus exactly like in the album version. I heard the part you mentioned as C# F# E F# E, but you could very well be right.

But as you say, it works either way.
Yes, you've put together a very good tab. And good research while working on it! Another source of info I sometimes use is online sheet music - you usually get to see the first page before you buy. If the sheet music is available for the song you are working on, it can help a lot with key and timing. Hallelujah is in 12/8 timing, for example, so you were right with the eighth triplets. And for me, the first and most important step in tabbing a song is figuring out what key it is in. Cheers.

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