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Tears For Fears - The Hurting

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I would love to have all the bass tabs for the TFF “The Hurting” album. I have submitted 5 today & Mad World is already up on the site. There are only 4 other songs to find to complete the album. Anyone else interested in TFF?
What a great idea! I Love TFF. Not got round to checking out any of their tabs yet. The Hurting is a great album & would be great to have all of the album tabbed.
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Nice thread. I want sowing the seeds of love tab
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Great idea for a great album! There are now 6 bass tabs for the album to look at & enjoy.
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I want sowing the seeds of love too !!
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Here's a guitar chord tab for Seeds of Love:


That will give you the root notes for the bass line. Gerr, Hugorj, you should see if you can figure out the song from this. Cheers.
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Hi Sid!! Currently I'm dedicated to the music of Duran Duran. Other person should do this tab
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Maybe I will give Seeds of Love a try when I have time - I like the song. Is this song on The Hurting album?
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I think we can not limit the songs just an album, we can make several (sowing the seeds of love, for example)
Sowing The Seeds Of Love is from the album The seeds Of Love.
All TFF tabs are welcome, the more the merrier! There is no limit on their tabs.
This thread was started with The Hurting in mind as that album has been tabbed the most. I thought it was nice idea to get the album finished.
Talking of The Hurting album, is there any bass on Ideas As Opiates?

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