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Any more Icehouse?

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Hey bassm99, I have really enjoyed your Icehouse tabs. It's been a while since you've done them, anymore in the pipeline?
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Hey icehouse1, there will be more Icehouse tabs in the future, I just don't know when. I have a couple I was working on but have not finished. When my next bout of Icehouse inspiration hits me I'll try to finish them.
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Thanks for the update.
Nice to see more Icehouse tabs. Loved the two you have done so far, very easy to play & a lot of fun.
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Glad you like them! I managed to finish Break These Chains this weekend & that is now up on the site for you all to see.
Excellent tab for Break These Chains, many thanks.
bassm99 we need more Icehouse tabs! Where are you hiding bassm99?
Thanks for the latest Icehouse tab bassm99, it's been a while! Nothing to do is not an obvious song to tab so a really nice surprise.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I checked out his tab for Nothing to Do yesterday. Enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd never really listened to them before but after checking out that song and a couple others, I'm digging them. Keep 'em up, guys.
Icehouse are one of those bands that had various amounts of success around the world but seem to be forgotten about when remembering the 80's, with possibly the exception of Australia. Those first 2 albums are epic & I still play them quite often. Glad you are liking them too Lon
I briefly looked at the tab myself & it's really easy to play which suits me just fine.
Also noticed that bassm99 submitted his tab for Walls off the same album. I'll be sure to check that out during the week.
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Im checking these out!!

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