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What is your favorite bass solo?

I like the first three. The player in the fourth has a lot of talent, but he looses the groove of the song in his solo.

I can't play anywhere near as well as any of these guys, BTW.
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About halfway through the song
One of my favorite solos is not the “best” solo, but it is played by one of the best bassist ever…FLEA!! I love his solo in “Otherside”. This song is the very first song that I ever heard by R.H.C.P., so it has a bit of meaning to me. I think the fuzz that the bass has in the bridge is really cool sounding. Like I said, may not be the most technically complex solo, but it is definitely up there on my favorite solo list.
Scooga D.
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My favorite solo is George Duke “reach for it” it is very funky.

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