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What note is the bass playing?

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If anyone would care to help, I have been unable to determine what note(s) the bass plays in Queen Adreena's cover of Jolene.


I could probably remember the entire bass line to this song if I could just figure out what is being played!
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I thought I'd take a look, how hard could this be as it's a cover? WTF!!! This is weird to say the least, it's got me stumped.
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Thanks guys. What I can't figure out is what note is being played for the two thump-thumps. I think that is the bass line; just those two thumps. (This would explain the possibility of my remembering the entire bass line without having to refer to a tab!)

(There might be another third, higher-pitched thump under the cymbal crash during the chorus.)

Sometimes I think G# (E4) sounds right; the next time I try it might be F# (E2), or even the low C# on the B string of a 5 string. Every time I have tried to nail it down, I end up with a different note!
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Can you help? Can you tell what the bass is playing? What about the guitar?
Slamingerrrr, please listen to this song (link above) and post your two cents worth. Even knowing what the guitar is playing would be a big help. Very simple bass line but I can't figure out what note is being played. Cheers.
johnny [staff]
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hey sid, i missed this post! i'll check it out for you
I would greatly appreciate that, Johnny. And I'm gonna hold my breath until you post a reply!
Arrghhhh! I've turned blue!
johnny [staff]
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sorry man i'll get to it soon! work is crazy right now

There was meant to be a joke in this thread with the previous posting. No one found it amusing?

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