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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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Mari7 - which version of Falling Down did you want to learn? There is a 3:41 long single version, and a 5:42 long version from the Red Carpet Massacre album.

I prefer the album version. But there are big differences between the two versions?
Mari7 - I don't know if there are big differences between single and album version; probably not, more repetitions I would guess. It still has to sound like the same song, just longer.

I was asking since the longer the song, the more work to tab it. I did not want to tab the longer version if you wanted the shorter one.

I will work on Falling Down as the next Duran Duran song I tab.

I will not be tabbing The Valley or Before the Rain. I don't care for these songs.

I will have to listen to the new request - Perfect Day.
Perfect Day - the song by Lou Reed. Do you prefer this Duran Duran version to the original by Lou Reed?
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So, I'll work on “The Valley”
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Perfect Day (Sid)
Before The Rain (ver.2 - ??)
The Valley (Hugorj)
Electric Barbarella (??)
Like An Angel (??)
Falling Down (Sid)
Box Full o' Honey (ver.2 - ??)
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“Perfect Day” - Duran Duran version!
“Falling Down” - you can do the smaller version

Sid, why you don't like of “The Valley” and “Before”?

Danny could make other requests?
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I did not know this song was not made by Duran Duran
Before the Rain is ok - just that for much of the song the bass rests. Perhaps the first half of the song, the bass line is played by a cello and/or synth.

I thought I was helping Hugorj to tab this song back around pages 45 - 51 of this thread, so I have already put some effort into this song. I will look and see if perhaps I could make a tab for Before the Rain without too much more work. If so, I will tab it.

The Valley just does nothing for me. There is nothing about this song that I like, not the rhythm, not the melody. It is, I think, synth pop at its worst.

So I will be working on Falling Down, Perfect Day, and Before the Rain.
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From what I've saw, in songbook, Simon didn't like of “The Valley”. The band and his wife (Yasmin) convinced him to record this music. He said in the interview that ended up liking the sound after recording it.
At first glance I did not like the sound, but seeing the live performance, I liked. The bass lines do not seem to be difficult. There are two synths in this music (JT and Nick)
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For check, please:

The Valley

Part 1: (bass begins at 2'30")

D|5-5-----3-3-----5---------------------| 2x

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