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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

Fair comment mayhem! They can be like marmite, you either love or loath them. If you can appreciate them even though you don't like them that is high praise.
Personally I LOVE them!
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Good tab Sid. All correct
I used to hate this band back in the 80's but over the years I have grown to respect them with what they have achieved. I can even name a couple of songs that i really like which surprises me!

My experience as well. Though I liked several songs off the very first Duran Duran album (Girls on Film, Tel Aviv), it was the Sex Pistols, Clash, Vice Squad, Dead Kennedys (you get the idea! ) who's records I bought. Duran Duran was just more silly pop trash love songs.

But working with the bassists here who want to play Duran Duran songs, I have come to appreciate John Taylor's skill as a bassist. He has a huge body of work, and it includes a lot of very nice bass lines.

And thanks for checking Softcell82, LovetheEighties, Mari7. I haven't heard from Hugorj in a little while, but I think he now has all the parts figured out for his tab of Before the Rain.

I am finishing up some other tabs I had already started, then will start on Playing With Uranium. Cheers.
Dannybassman - anything from your looking at Playing With Uranium that you can send my way - avoid re-inventing the wheel sort-of-thing.

Did you figure out the key the song is in?

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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And the live versions?
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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I'll look for it in my tabs folder maybe i can find it but if you need help i can help you with it its just im up to my neck with requests over 15+ for this and next week –______–
Hey Dannybassman - keep it fun, don't want you to burn out! It's OK to say you can't do a tab for someone, at least not right now! Hang in there!

And don't worry about Uranium. You're plenty busy already.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Well when i move to texas ill be busier so i wont be able to do 10-15 tabs in a two week timeline but ill be able to do at least 5 per week maybe and the channel which i havent started yet.
I'm sure you'll cope Danny & have fun doing it.

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