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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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Sid, I'm very happy that you are liked more of Duran Duran. All You Need is Now is an excellent album. Duran Duran is a band that everyone likes but few know many songs, I think that should be known by all.
Sid, I know you have worked hard, but try to get into the topic sometimes, you became a friend (I say this on behalf of everyone in this thread)! I can not go on without your help. So, a request: be sure to visit us
Posts: 343
Sid, I made a small change in your intro of Pop Trash

I'm thinking of create a topic about Tears for Fears. What do you think?
Great idea about a Tears For Fears thread!
Posts: 343
I sent Girl Panic tab
Posts: 343
Sid I really liked your “All you Need is Now” version, mainly part of the chorus. You should submit it as version 2.

My intro of pop trash is simply:
Good job on Girl Panic! Hugorj. Also on making your own version of Pop Trash. Taking a song and making your own version is best we can do!

Mari7, Gerr, Duran Duran Fan,…what do you think of my version of All You Need Is Now (on the previous page). I'd like to hear your thoughts to help me decide if I should finish this tab and submit it.
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Hey Sid! How are you going my friend?
So, I played both versions of All you Need is Now and enjoyed the two. You should submit your version too Sid.
Hugorj, Girl Panic! is a great song of bass, I'm happy with your tab. And I like to have a topic about Tears for Fears too. I wanted SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE tab.
Come back to Duran Duran: We can not leave this topic stopped, I liked of your suggestions Mari and I want Secret Oktober LIVE tab please (seems to be simple)
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Sid, your version of All You Need Is Now is great too!
Thanks Mari7. From the comments of Hugorj, Gerr, and Mari7, I finished and submitted my tab of All You Need Is Now. Thanks for the encouragement!
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My requests ??…..

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