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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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Without Sid this topic will die! : (

I'm thinking of throwing a topic about Blondie, what do you think?
No! You mustn't let it die!

The only way to get better at figuring out a song (and tabbing it) is to try! I recently went back and looked at some of my first tabs from 4 years ago - they weren't very good. Skill improves with practice, whether playing or tabbing.

Help Hugorj or work on a song your liking.

And I like Blondie. I eventually wanted to get around to tabbing some early Blondie. Have you already searched for the tabs you seek?

johnny [staff]
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here are the tabs for too late marlene


thanks, sid, you're the best
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Without the support of Sid I will not be able to maintain it myself. Sid is the one who helps me here
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And I have no news about girl panic,
It's difficult
Hugorj, I will try to help with Girl Panic!, but not today and probably not tomorrow. Yes, it is difficult, which is why I need to do something easier before going once more into the breech.

John Taylor is a much, much better bassist than I; it is hard for me to figure out what he is doing since my skills are so primitive in comparison to his.

But together perhaps we can figure out something that is close to what John plays.
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Sid I think you are the same level as John and others great bassists. And you're a really nice guy, helps all people in all topics. I admire you and think you're a great musician.
If this site is at a level so good is because there are people like you who contribute to the better of bass
Hugorj, I spent some time today trying to figure out Girl Panic! verse. I did not make much progress, if any. I will try again, but for me, this is a very difficult song to learn.
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Sid, you found some roots notes? With them I can help better..
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Sid, this was the most I could get on these days (probably wrong, but check):


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