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Xavier brand basses?

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Anybody bought a Xavier bass, they look nice, but I have never seen a used one for sale. Curious if they are any good.
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Hadn't heard of them before you posted. Looks like a relatively new company out of Taiwan. You might do a search on BassTalk.com to see if anyone has posted anything about Xavier basses.
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The general opinion seems to be that Xaviere basses are a good deal for the money.


The discussion has been going on awhile and there are a couple of reports of a the bass being of poor quality. But most say they are very impressed with the bass. Sounds like they are worth considering, especially if your local shop has them.

The price is certainly attractive:
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Hey - there are Xavier basses (made in Taiwan) and Xaviere basses carried by Guitar Fetish. They are not the same things.

The reviews on TalkBass are for the Xaviere basses. I know nothing about the Xavier basses.

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