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need a quick hand

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i have never tabbed a song, but i need help with two if anyone is interested in helping out

they are fairly simple i beleive

Social distortion - california hustle and flow
Nazareth - broken down angel

any help would be awesome
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If you have a WAV file of the song, you can open it in Audacity. With Audacity, you can slow it down by changing the tempo (more or less without changing pitch)and you can use a low pass filter to attenuate frequencies above the bass - which makes the bass line stand out. (Try 400 hz cutoff and 12 dB roll off.) Both of these are found in the Effects drop down.

You can also let you tuner listen to the song by plugging it into the headphones jack on you computer, if have a suitable connecting cord. Sometimes this helps, sometimes not. Ultimately, your ears will tell you when you've found the right note.

Best of luck!
Hey tbear33,
Were you able to figure the bass lines for these songs?

california hustle and flow, i got it passable,

broken down angel still kinda working on, just not my forte figuring this out, but am giving it a whirl
Here's a tab for the guitar chords of Broken Down Angel:


The chords are in blue and would be the root notes you would play.

Hopefully, that helps!
thanks, found those, trying to work out some of the runs in there, but i think i got it passable at this point… thanx for help!!

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