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Bass tab needed ASAP

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Hey guys! I really need a bass tab for Milky by Biffy Clyro. It's on the album Black Chandeleir which is fairly recent so no tabs have been made.

Really need help as I have no musical ability to do it myself.

Thanks in advance
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I like that song I probably couldn't work it out though as I've only listened to it once
Yeah…I like it as well. Unfortunately, the only way I can listen to it, since I haven't any of Biffy Clyro's music, is on YouTub - which isn't a source I can use to try and tab something. Otherwise, I would have tried to help out.
TheDude [staff]
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Sidsquishus, what kind of source would be ok? you can extract audio from a youtube clip rather easily.
I need a WAV file of the song so I can pull it into Audacity, which allows me to slow it down, impose a low pass filter to let the bass stand out better….

The WAV file needs to be CD (or near) quality. If not high quality, I can't hear it well enough to tab…old ears, too much youthful loudness….

TheDude [staff]
Posts: 224
ah, i get you.

WAV we could get, but the quality is limited by whatever is on youtube. tough luck GraemeN95, unless you find us a high quality youtube source
Follow on: it also needs to be a fairly simple bass line for me to be able to tab it. That's due to my being a fairly shitty bassist; I possess no talent as do Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, Flea, Brian Bromberg, etc.

The moral of story: with sufficient trickery, anyone can tab!

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