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Cheers to MickBass

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Thanks for posting the Bye Bye Love tab. Much Appreciated.
No problems i have tabbed the whole album out, saw your request so i posted it
Please post them all! The Cars debut album is a great one; I'd like to play almost all the songs on it. Thanks again.
Hiya Sidsquishus

heres my tab book i made for The Cars album, i will post them here too but these tabs may be better for you (easier to read) ive also included the GP5 tabs that i done.

I'll look for your tabs here on Big Bass Tabs. Would appreciate You're All I've Got Tonight.
You're All I've Got Tonight is posted! enjoy

Great album and nice bass lines on it also
Thanks MickBass! Thanks Johnny!

Did you tab any of the second album, Candy-O? Not as strong a record as the debut album but it also has some great songs on it, IMHO.
You're welcome Sidsquishus
I havent looked at the 2nd album but i did tab out Lets Go awhile back for a band i auditioned with
I'll re tab it it for you soon then i'll have a look at the others.

Dont have the multi tracks though so it wont be as accurate as the others
but i'll see what i can do

Cheers Johnny also… Great site!
Thanks for the additional tabs, Mickbass. I now have tabs for all the songs from The Cars album.

Though I have tabs for 21 Guns and East Jesus Nowhere, if you have tabbed them out, please post! Your tabs are very helpful.

Have you tabbed out any Talking Heads (particularly songs from the Fear of Music album)? Lene Lovich? The Breeders? Pixies? First generation English punk (X-Ray Spex, Penetration, The Damned…? I've tabbed the Sex Pistols album and most of the Vibrators Pure Mania album already, or I would have included those bands in the list as well.

Though I've tabbed out about 140 songs, the list of what I'd like to learn just keeps getting longer! I greatly appreciate your high quality, complete tabs.

Ive not heard them bands you've mentioned except Sex Pistols.
there is 2 albums of band scores if you want them, that
Floggin A Dead Horse & Never Mind The Bollocks

Im working on the Green Day Rock Band songs at the moment and I have done
21 Guns
21st Century Breakdown
American Eulogy and
American Idiot

I will post 21 Guns for you

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