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A new kitty im getting.

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Ok, we're good. Just know that I don't ever intend to make personal attacks towards anyone over a forum/internet thingy. If I cross a line, which I have been known to do, again it's nothing personal. Just my warped sense of humor and my ignorance to others' sensitivities.
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For what it's worth Mark, I thought you were just being funny. You have a good sense of humour. Made me laugh
IamMark, another candidate on slams hit list
mark and i have no issues at all at this point i see you trying to poke the bear but hes passed out. wont work
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Speaking of pets, I've got a pet Newt, I call him Tiny cos he's my Newt
i dunno if you are joking. but if not thats cool
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TINY, MY NEWT, joke obviously. Just seen a great thing on YouTube, Cat saves four year old from dog attack, amazing
No poking the bear here, just saying as I see things
If Mark & you have no issues then that is all we can ask for.

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