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Marilyn Manson — Angel With The Scabbed Wings (ver 4) bass tabs

(submitted by linkinpark232)
Intro (0:07)
D |2/12/1——1—0—1—2—3|
Next intro riff
A |666666—7—5 (2—1 at end)]

Pre—Chorus: the "Dead is what he is" part
D |1—0—xxxxxx]

Chorus:He is the savior, etc
D |6—6/9/12—1111—11111|

Second verse
D |1—0—1—2—3|

Bridge: Get back, you're never gonna leave here
D |8—7\2222—3333 (2—1 at end)|

A |666666—7—5 (2—1 at end)|
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